ARID offers a complete ‘closed loop’ service, including:

  • Industrial design (product design) and design management
  • Value analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Full CAD software for computer modelling, photo-realistic renderings and animated modelling
  • Model making via in-house 3D printers, laser cutting and CNC milling machines
  • Prototyping via in-house precision CNC milling and 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Hundreds of other in-house specialised tooling resources
  • Tooling and production coordination
  • Product engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Drafting and pattern making
  • Tool design and tooling
  • Production, production supervision and quality control
  • Logistics management including protective, cost effective bulk transport packaging
  • Corporate graphics, packaging, point-of-sale requirements and technical manuals
  • Production and product review.

  • When appropriate ARID supplies some production processes in-house. For mass production, tool design completed by ARID or an outside supplier, ARID supplies designer supervision of every stage of every component in the manufacturing, assembly and packaging processes.

    After 11 years of supervised production overseas, ARID has now established its own manufacturing and assembly facility, with a range of high-quality equipment in operation, including injection moulding, a specialised lathe for creating custom precision parts and a large scale twin head 3D printer. This facility is also controlled by Andrew Rogers, who travels there 6 to 8 times per year, to personally supervise coordination and production there 60 to 80 days every year.

    The additional facility allows ARID to better manage production at all stages and ensure ongoing product quality and consistency. It also means ARID can more easily achieve exacting and timely production while controlling costs, to maintain budgets and ensure the cost-effectiveness of breakthrough products.

    ARID also supplies all product user interface graphics as part of the design package, as well as all bulk packaging solutions for the most protective and cost effective transport and distribution of the finished product.