Medical related products

I-Tracker - Carl Zeiss ophthalmic instrument

I-Tracker  Carl Zeiss ophthalmic instrument
ARID was commissioned to research and recommend a methodology to enable objective assessment of
a customer’s eye movements that could be applied to design a tool to help the processes of prescribing
presbiotic lenses. The resulting i-Tracker was awarded the Design Institute of Australia Award of Merit.

Positure Grip - Posture controller for children’s tablet use

Positure Grip  Posture controller for children’s tablet use
An innovative handle which promotes optimal posture when engaging in tablet activities. The device combines a
polycarbonate injection-moulded skeleton with a food-safe silicone skin, ensuring durability and safety. Extensive
ergonomic studies have shown the device minimises tension and enhances circulation, for improved posture.

Optic Sans Frontiers - Edison robot expansion pack
Zhav International dynamic lift - Dynamic face lifter

Zhav International dynamic lift  Dynamic face lifter
Design of all mechanical, visual and electronic components for this micro current and luminant beauty product. ARID designed and developed all aspects of this revolutionary product and manufactured it in-house for more than 5 years, with many having since been in continuous use for 15 years.

Pipette holder - Packaging for TPC in vitro pipettes

Pipette holder  Packaging for TPC in vitro pipettes
Briefed to design protective packaging for the fragile glass pipettes used during in vitro fertilization,
ARID designed a colour coded, single part injection moulded polyethylene container that safely supports
and protects the fragile pipette during all stages of sterilization and transport.

The Ned’s Head - FDA approved face shields

The Ned’s Head  FDA approved face shields
Designed in response to the urgent need for PPE during the COVID19 outbreak in Adelaide, ARID worked with
Kyron Audio to design and deliver more than 70,000 face shields to SA Health, hospitals and the general public
around Australia. Ned’s Head received a Design Award from Good Design Australia.

Ophthalmic instrument  Surgical device
A stent-free, minimally invasive instrument, combining 360 degree pressurised vasodilation and catheterisation, for use by physicians in what can now be an out-patient procedure, at lower cost, that also reduces the patient’s reliance on medications and improves life style.

Chois med - Pulse oxygen meter

Chois med (China)   Pulse oxygen meter
Designed and manufactured in China for export to the USA ARID worked with a team of young
designers to bring this idea from concept to reality in 6 weeks.

Teflon Easycare demonstrator - Demonstrator for spectacle lenses

Teflon Easycare demonstrator  Demonstrator for spectacle lenses
The first in a number of lens coating demonstrating products. ARID was required to design and
manufacture this product demonstrator to assist in the promotion of a revolutionary new lens coating.
The product was used worldwide including Paris, London, Sydney and Beijing.