Household and personal products

Chief Cast Collection - Kitchenware

Chief Cast Collection  Kitchenware
A range of cast Aluminium Teflon coated cooking pans with glass lids, timber steel and phenolic fittings.
ARID supplied concept design, model making CAD data product specifications and tooling supervision.
The Chief Cast Collection was nominated for a Design Institute of Australia Design Award.

Chief thermostat - Digital electronic thermostat

Chief thermostat  Digital electronic thermostat
The brief was for the design and specification of all mechanical and visual components for a control unit
for bench top electric cooking appliances. The design from concept to finished prototype were completed
in Australia, with the product tooling, testing and production produced in China.

Xinfei Frestech - Chinese domestic refrigerator

Xinfei Frestech  Chinese domestic refrigerator
Working with LKK design in Beijing, ARID providing training while designing new products for the
Chinese domestic market. The Xinfei Electric Company Frestech refrigerators were successfully put into
production with the first run of 100,000 units being sold in less than 2 months.

Y-Bend - Golf ball retriever

Y-Bend  Golf ball retriever
A retrofitted accessory that transforms any golf putter into a tool to lift the ball from the hole. Responsible for all aspects of design, tooling, production and packaging, ARID developed the customer’s idea to a fully marketable retail product.

Woodies ! - Sandals

Woodies !  Sandals
The ubiquitous thong revisited with entrepreneurial vigour. Resort wear with interchangeable real timber and other exotic material inlays.