Electronic products

Enseal - Secure product and packaging authentication technology

Enseal  Secure product and packaging authentication technology
Recording every stage of product sourcing, processing and packaging, geo and date stamping, to the instant the pack is opened, allowing on-the-spot verification of authenticity and seal integrity, simply by touching a smartphone to the capsule. Enseal received a Design Award from Good Design Australia.

Embarr Argus - Automated fire sprinkler control

Embarr Argus   Automated fire sprinkler control
The automated fire sprinkler control works as a sentinel, protecting homes from the threat of bushfire all year
round. Manufactured in Australia, ARID is responsible for the design, development and fabrication of all aspects
of the unit, including industrial design, engineering, electronics, software and direction of graphic design.

Edison robot - Educational robotics and programming toy

Edison robot   Educational robotics
Edison is a programmable robot designed as a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for ages 4 to 16. ARID supplied mechanical design, manufacture, quality control, logistics, packaging (including instruction graphics) and bulk packaging. The Edison robot received the Good Design Australia Gold Award.

EdCreate - Edison robot expansion pack

EdCreate   Edison robot creator’s kit
EdCreate is designed to work with the Edison robot. EdCreate enriches students’ STEM education experience through interactive engineering and programming projects. ARID supplied the design of the building elements and coordinated the tooling, packaging, quality control, assembly, and high definition CGI assembly graphics.

Bear Solutions - Photocopier digital auditing interface and smart card reader

Bear Solutions   Photocopier digital auditing interface and smart card reader
A key operated digital interface for photocopying machines and a smart card reading module for vending machines. Used in Universities, law firms and libraries, the interface facilitates cost recovery from photocopying services. ARID continued to manufacture and supply this product for more than 10 years.

Microbric Ai2 - Robotic toy

Microbric Ai2   Robotic toy
Designed as part of a daily sales promotion for the Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper, this programmable
constructed toy was designed and developed in Australia with ARID commissioning and supervising the
tooling and production in China.

Chief thermostat - Digital electronic thermostat

Chief thermostat   Digital electronic thermostat
The brief was for the design and specification of all mechanical and visual components for a control unit
for bench top electric cooking appliances. The design from concept to finished prototype were completed
in Australia, with the product tooling, testing and production produced in China.

Axeze keyless entry - Electronic door lock

Axeze keyless entry   Electronic door lock
Easily fitted to most domestic and commercial doors, ARID designed and specified all components,
including instructions, packaging and corporate identity. The electronics were designed under our close
supervision. The Axeze keyless entry was awarded the Design Institute of Australia Award of Merit.

MEA GDot and Plexis - Horticultural moisture monitoring system

MEA GDot and Plexis   Horticultural moisture monitoring system
Design and manufacture of environmental protective enclosures for sensitive electronic equipment
used to monitor plant and soil moisture for wine citrus and other orchard crops. ARID continues
to supply production of this product on an on-going yearly order basis.

Brivis climate controle - Air conditioning controller

Brivis climate control   Air conditioning controller
Design and specification of all mechnaical and visual components for a control unit for heating and cooling domestic and commercial premises, with Australia-wide distribution and in the USA through Carrier Climate Systems.

Tomco impedance analyser - Portable impedance meter

Tomco impedance analyser   Portable impedance meter
The brief was for the design and specification of all mechanical and visual components for the housing and human interface of the instrument. A specialist field and laboratory test instrument used in communication and radar construction and maintenance.

WIA tig inverter - Portable impedance meter

WIA tig inverter   Portable tig and stick electric welder
ARID was responsible for the design, development and coordination with manufacturers and electronic engineers. The product required the design of sheet metal, plastic and extruded aluminium components. The rugged appearance and construction appealed to welders and site construction fabricators.