Educational products

Positure Grip Posture controller for children’s tablet use

Positure Grip   Posture controller for children’s tablet use
An innovative handle which promotes optimal posture when engaging in tablet activities. The device combines a
polycarbonate injection-moulded skeleton with a food-safe silicone skin, ensuring durability and safety. Extensive
ergonomic studies have shown the device minimises tension and enhances circulation, for improved posture.

Edison robot - Educational robotics and programming toy

Edison robot   Educational robotics
Edison is a programmable robot designed as a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for ages 4 to 16. ARID supplied mechanical design, manufacture, quality control, logistics, packaging (including instruction graphics) and bulk packaging. The Edison robot received the Good Design Australia Gold Award.

EdCreate - Edison robot expansion pack

EdCreate   Edison robot creator’s kit
EdCreate is designed to work with the Edison robot. EdCreate enriches students’ STEM education experience through interactive engineering and programming projects. ARID supplied the design of the building elements and coordinated the tooling, packaging, quality control, assembly, and high definition CGI assembly graphics.

GoMicro - Smartphone and tablet clip-on microscope

GoMicro   Smartphone and tablet clip-on microscope
A low cost resource allowing high-quality images to be seen and recorded instantly to engage students in scientific exploration. ARID delivered all aspects of product design, manufacture, quality control, logistics, packaging, instructional graphics and bulk packaging. Winner of the DIA Silver Award.

Microbric Ai2 - Robotic toy

Microbric Ai2  Robotic toy
Designed as part of a daily sales promotion for the Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper, this programmable
constructed toy was designed and developed in Australia with ARID commissioning and supervising the
tooling and production in China.

Projects Inspired - Recycling station

Projects Inspired  Recycling station
Blow moulded recycling bin created for use in schools to help sort recycling materials and train
primary school children in the needs for separating materials for recycling, the product has also
found its way into many commercial business offices.